Getting a qualified prospect to attend your solution demonstration represents for your organization a huge investment of time, effort and money!

That includes the marketing cost of creating the prospect, the cost of sales to qualify the prospect, the cost of operations to respond to a request for quotation or a call for tenders...

André Lavigne - Orchestrating your results

What is your conversion ratio between a customer who buys and a demo?

Imagine in your situation how an increase in your conversion ratio of 10 to 20% would impact your revenue AND a decrease in the proportionate cost of sales.

How to evaluate if the demonstration is winning? No measure... no success!

Your presale does not close the opportunities, but his contribution makes the conclusion possible. How to put in place effective measures, but especially in relation to the role of each in the sales cycle?

How to improve the engagement and performance of your presale specialists? Are they incentivized when you close a deal (on which they don’t have full control) or when they succeed in convincing the client that, technically, your solution meets their needs?

New context, new challenges

Your customers and partners have acquired new methods of acquiring products / services. They are more informed about the offer and sometimes better informed about the attributes of the product / service. Remember when you were the only source of information about your offer and the relative positioning of your competitors; well…that’s over.

The situation is the same when demonstrating the technical aspects of your solution; where what truly matters is your understanding of the customer's issues, alignment with their objectives, and the impacts of your solution in creating a positive change in your client’s business.

How to clarify and understand roles between sales and pre-sales, to accelerate the sales cycle and helping you to develop new reflexes, to understand the dimensions of the client, the interpersonal skills necessary for optimal interactions and build strategic customer partnerships.

Training methodology

Guaranteed return on investment and program terms

Thorough knowledge of your solution, its benefits and your target audience are prerequisite.

Tailor-made training

This training interests you, but you would like to adapt it to a specific need of your organization? We can offer you a customized training that will meet your expectations.

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