Sales Process Optimization: Consulting services designed to orchestrate your results

Managing the sales function is critical for any organization. No sales ... no business!

Are you satisfied with the results? Do you feel that you could close faster, sell more or increase profitability dramatically?

André Lavigne - Optimisation des ventes

Are you satisfied with the quality and accuracy of the forecast? Do you have control over the conversion rate in your pipeline?
Do you have the impression (or the certainty) that your cost of sales is increasing faster than you can cope?
You think your sales force is less adequate than before, have you reviewed your sales management processes?

Our approach helps answer these questions while assisting you to build your optimize sales structure.

Here are some examples of joint successes with our clients:

New context, new challenges

Your customers and partners have acquired new methods of acquiring products / services. They are more informed about the offer and sometimes better informed about the attributes of the product / service. Remember when you were the only source of information about your offer and the relative positioning of your competitors; well…that’s over.

Better understand your role, and understand how to accelerate the sales cycle by leading; you’ll develop new reflexes to understand the dimensions of the client, the interpersonal skills necessary for optimal interactions and build strategic customer partnerships.


Experiences and vertical markets

Nearly 30 years of experience as a consultant, coach, speaker but also as a field sales professional both as a manager and individual contributor, with world-class-leading sales teams. To advise business owners, I gave training on the human and technical aspect of the sales process and on the aspect of the human relations in the context of the negotiation.

I have collaborated with the largest organizations in various vertical markets. I have held key positions as Sales Team Manager, Strategic Partners, Market Builder and Customer Facilitator with market leaders such as Lotus / IBM, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard (HP). I helped start several technology companies and cofounded eComMTL.

My technical and business expertise was enhanced by learning the human side to understand that interpersonal skills are the key selling and sales management element. In 1999, I became a certified NLP practitioner. (Neurolinguistics programming) and trained on the GRID model.

As a consultant to presidents and vice presidents of organization I helped to streamline sales teams, decrease sales cycles, improve accuracy in sales forecasting and assist in digital transformation in the following sectors: information technology, high technology, telecommunications, utilities, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing and distribution.

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