Strategic Sales and Sales Management consulting

Our programs, based on our sales cycle model will assist your to meet your objectives by :

  • Improving communication, better opportunity management and an overall improvement on your customer engagement process
  • Build and use a common language around sales management across the organisation
  • Optimize usage and value of your CRM tools and create key performance indicators to increase sales forecast accuracy.

Personalized Sales training for sales teams, sales management and non-sales resources.

For example: Leadership Skills Workshop for Technical and Pre-sales Resources

Based on worldwide best practice and co-develop with professionals form organisations like Oracle, IBM, SAS Institute, HP, EMC.

This workshop objectives are :

  • Improve interpersonal relation skills for technical and pre-sales resources
  • Improve sales team efficiency and results
  • Eliminate non conclusive or everlasting sales opportunities
  • Reduce cost of sales and increase customer satisfaction


  • Influence other by improving your sales posture
  • 7 interpersonal skills to better manager your sales team
  • 10 techniques to build customer rapport and negotiate effectively
  • 5 expertise to develop for building and managing your partner ecosystem