Develop an optimized sales strategy

Our approach at KM&T is to assist enterprises to develop an optimized sales strategy to generate more revenue, more profits FASTER. By improving your resources engagement toward sales results and improved customer experience (sales and non-sales roles). Developing your employees sales posture, a customer centric approach, will assist the client's buying decision, improve customer loyalty and the overall value of your organisation.

Execute to meet your objectives

Based over 30 years of sales experience in start-ups to large international organisations in directs sales roles, in channel development and in sales management. We've built an optimized sales engagement model (Vendo sales engagement model) that combines knowledge from Solutions Selling and similar trainings, Grid Management abilities as well as NLP Practitioner certification. Our services are:

  • Conferences
  • Co-creation workshop
  • Strategic Sales Consulting will your management
  • Coaching