4 ideas to motivate GenY sales reps and others...

Why is this important to develop different methods of motivation?

The challenges changed, the GenY salesperson are different from those of the former generation.
Top 5 differences between GenY and you:
1. The authority does not inspire feared and respect only by its hierarchical position… in short the authority by the title does not convey power as much as it use to.
2. They wish recognition in a synchronous mode rather than in the form of the perennial annual review.
3. They are more critical toward their organizations based on its reputation in the social media
4. They do not define success in relation with money (only 11% of GenY does it1)
5. They easily establish the link between the customer and its online avatar.

4 ideas to motivate GenY reps.
1. Explain the reasons to perform the given tasks and their importance in the success and the social reputation of the organization. Communicate and validate.
2. Focus on their positive behaviour’s, offer suggestions and reasons to modify the deviating actions in order to inculcate the desire to master their activities.
3. Encourage autonomy by acting as a coach and mentor in exchange for their commitment.
4. Support the use of social medias both internally as well as with clients and partners while agreeing on communications objectives and guidelines in order to meet jointly designed results.

The carrot and the stick no longer work with GenY. A work life imbalance is no longer a sign of commitment nor is to neglect its family life, social for their career as they’ve seen the parents do a they grew up. They’ve acquired the power to say no, and they are using it to their advantage. But more importantly, they understand the leverage by their abilities to share, listen and influence internally, within their community and to the world.

GenY will form 75 percent of the workforce in 2025, they are creative, they understand how incredible leverage they have using social medias; they master the dichotomy between their individualistic side and the value of a collaborative approach. Finally the global market doesn’t frighten them… they were born with it.

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